Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Church Membership 2012

If you have been attending St. Patrick's, and are interested in learning about church membership, the basics are all who attend and receive communion each week are  considered both baptized and communicant members.  If you would like to serve as a ministry leader, or pursue holy orders we require that you be a confirmed member. 

If you desire to be confirmed in your faith, or received as a confirmed member of the church, please contact Fr. Kevin.  A membership certificate is given to all who are confirmed by a CEC Bishop at St. Patrick's  or received into our communion. 

From the canons of The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church about membership:

III. Membership 3

A. A Baptized Member is one baptized in water in the name of the Trinity who maintains fellowship in a particular congregation and who is enrolled in the parish register. 

B. A Communicant is a Baptized Member who regularly participates in the life of the congregation, including sharing in the sacraments.

C. A Confirmed Member is a Communicant who has been confirmed by the laying on of hands of a Bishop in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, or has been received by a Bishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, having been previously confirmed in a communion in apostolic succession. Only confirmed members may hold canonical offices. 

D. Responsibilities of Members 

1. Regular participation in the life of the Church; 
2. Contributing tithes and offerings; 
3. Submission to the vision of the leadership; 
4. Serving through various gifts and ministries for the building  up of the Church; 
5. A commitment to the Great Commission and the Great  Commandment.

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