At ST. PATRICK'S  what makes us different than other churches is our style of convergence worship. 

Convergence Worship

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken…
These words from Ecclesiastes 4:12 are in a passage that speaks of the strength and unity found in diversity. From the time of Christ, His Church has always been a “cord of three strands.” These three basic expressions of Christianity have continued throughout the pages of church history.   By celebrating the best of the Church in history, and combining that with the Spirit’s renewing and regathering work, we can open the full deposit of the Father’s old and new treasures to His people.


As a precious possession of Christian faith, we hold to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired, infallible Word of God and that they contain all things necessary to salvation and godly living. We are committed to faithful reading, studying, teaching, and preaching from the Bible as a wellspring for spiritual maturity. We also embrace the Evangelical distinctives that underline the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a holy life, evangelism, and missions.


A distinguishing mark of St. Patrick's Church is our openness to the work of the Holy Spirit. God’s people have always been a spiritually gifted people. From the apostles all the way through the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, Christians have been endowed with power beyond themselves…from the Holy Spirit Himself. This means we not only allow, but anticipate, His presence and working through His spiritual gifts, both in our worship and daily acts of service.

Historical / Sacramental

From the beginning of the Church after the resurrection of Christ, many men and women have faithfully served the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church (catholic: meaning in accord with the universal Church from the beginning). From the richness of our historic heritage we are currently seeing a recovery of the beauty and authenticity of the ancient liturgies, symbols of worship, and the regular celebration of Holy Communion, which the early Christians observed weekly. While some have looked at the early liturgies and called them “dead form,” we have found that forms are neither dead nor alive, but only true or false; it is people who are either dead or alive spiritually. What we are discovering are true forms that can be used by people who are spiritually alive!

Blending These Streams

We believe God is doing something very special in our day. In churches across our nation and around the world, He is removing religious barriers and braiding together the three strands of the Church into one strong cord. This is the commitment of St. Patrick's Church, where in our worship and approach to faith, we are seeking to express all three elements together. We are honored to be a part of God’s great renewal in His Church!

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