Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's Up?

What’s Up?

A few people have written and aked me what is up lately. Good question.

As part of a 2008 strategy to make significant advances in our progress as a church, we are seeking a new home for our church.
Our goal for a meeting location is to seek: 1. ) A more sacred space for worship in proximity to where we meet now, 2.) A space that will be more friendly to us to become visible in the community through signage and advertising, and 3.) A place where we can host a variety of gathering events throughout the year such as special services, speakers, seminars, concerts, etc.

Today we visted Amherst Community Church. We ask for the prayers of anyone reading this blog for God to guide us into His will and and provision for worship space.

On the work front, I have been working hard in my role as Director of Finance and Marketing for Monks' Bread and the Abbey of the Genesee. I am currently developing the 2008 marketing plan. Kathie also does a great deal of volunteer work in this regard for the Abbey. Our "free bread giveaway" promotional events we do in the five main markets for Monks' Bread (Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Erie, Binghamton) have resulted in good growth for the product. Our latest promo was at the Dome Center in Rochester at a Motorpsort Exposition on 2/1-2.

It is a joy and privilege to work every day in the midst of a good sized Trappist monastery. Each day, the liturgy of the hours is the hub for the Abbey's work of making Monks' Bread, and running a 2000 acre farm, retreat houses, bookstore, forestry business, online store, and the monastery itself.

I am reading a couple books right now. "The Diary of a Country Priest" is an old classic novel with deep insights into the parish work of a priest. I read this book in quiet contemplation. Narrated in the voice of the idealistic priest it explores his struggle to overcome the lethargy of the people in his parish. As the priest, whose name is never spoken, tells the story of his daily work, his parish becomes a microcosm for the universal struggles, griefs and triumphs of humankind.

I am also reading Kouzes and Posner's classic "The Leadership Challenge." I am ever challenged as a missionary priest to not only grow as a leader, but to train other leaders as the basic infrastructure for further growth of St. Patrick's.

On the personal level, Josh was up from Virginia to take Stephanie to a play for her birthday. They went to see "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at the Rochester Auditorium. Kathie traveled to Chicago in December and New York City (Manhattan) in January to help a couple in the church with their business, and came home with the flu and is still recovering.

Last, please pray as I work on a writing project I am calling "The Things I Have Learned So Far." These are a collection of short essays I am writing that summarize the most important lessons I have learned about life and business in my 43 years. This project began when I was thinking about things I have learned in life that I wished my parents and mentors would have told me early on. I decided I wanted to write for my kids, and thus began the project...

Be at peace.