Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On Reaching Out--Our Apostolate

The Church has often referred to the work of being sent out into the world by Jesus Christ as our apostolic work--sent ones going forth. Each one of us are sent ones according to the Great Commission Matthew. 28 and Acts 1:1-8. In a spirit of sincerity, love, and deep personal conviction we go forth into the world as individuals and as the Church to make others aware of the love and truth of God in Christ.

The four means of our apostolate are:

1. Speech
2. Action
3. Prayer
4. Example.

How can our church make others aware of the blessings God has given us in order to share them with a searching and hungry world?


Christine! said...

At a meeting last night, I met a gentleman, Gary. As I was stitting next to him, I noticed his cell phone was "ringing" (placed on vibrate for the meeting), and afterward I made a comment that "Cindy" (the name on the display when he was getting the call) really wanted to get in touch with him. Gary explained that Cindy is his sister, and he likes to keep in close contact with her, as she has MS. Gary was recently diagnosed with MS, himself, he said.

After he called Cindy back, we talked about it a little more, and I told him that I would like to pray for him and Cindy, was that ok? He looked a little suprised, but was very enthusiastic in his affirmative response.

Gary, by the way, is a friend of Tony's. Is this reaching out and doing apostolic work?

Beats me what came over me, talking to strangers like that.....

Blessings to you!


St.Patrick's said...


ABSOLUTELY! Reaching out to those who are sick and praying for them is a most effective means of evangelsm. Having been a Vineyard pastor for 10 years, I am fond of John Wimber's book "Power Evangelism" which talks about exactly what you were doing. I have it in paperback now--want it?

Christine! said...

Sure! I'm always up for a good book (read my profile.... :)I'll read it as soon as I finish "Changing the World Through Kindness" by Steve Sjogren (Vineyard pastor!).