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The Real St. Patrick

The Real St. Patrick

When Fr. Kevin and Kathie returned to Western New York from Sarasota, FL in late 2002 to pioneer a CEC mission in Buffalo, the original choice of a name for the work was "Throne of Grace" due to their vision of being a church built on love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Their diocesan Bishop at the time did not approve of that name wanting either a "Church of The _________" or a "Saint ________ Church" name.

Patricius: The True Story of St. Patrick documentary

As Fr. Kevin grew up with Irish heritage on his mother's side, and knew Buffalonians honored St. Patrick above all the saints with the big annual parade here, he chose St. Patrick's as the name.

Patrick had been a rebellious teen (like our founders had been).  He was taken as a slave from England to Ireland.  Patrick was converted while a slave, and became a man of prayer.  In prayer,he was led by the voice of God with a plan to escape the slave island. 

Later, called by God through a supernatural vision to a ministry of missionary church planting, he returned to the place of his slavery.  Through a ministry of signs, wonders, miracles, he led a nation to faith in Christ and changed its culture forever. 

Patrick's ministry
of preaching the Gospel, baptizing converts, confirming them, and appointing clergy

lasted 29 years. He baptized over 120,000 Irishmen and planted 300 churches.

This is, and remains, the vision of St. Patrick's CEC in Amherst, NY.  We seek to be Spirit-empowered to proclaim the Gospel with signs following planting churches here.  With a net decline of over 179,000 adherents to Christianity in Erie County, and over 214,000 people leaving the Roman Catholic Church and not affiliating anywhere over the past 10 years, our parish is an ever growing secular wasteland (click link and compare 2010 to 2000 Association of Religious Data).

We ask St. Patrick, departed church founders of this mission now in heaven, and all of you still here on earth fighting the good fight, to pray that faithful service to God and the people of this region will result in the snake being driven out, and many conversions and disciples of Jesus Christ that will change our home from its growing atheism influenced by the university, to a shining example of a region transformed by the power of God.

Patricius: The True Story of St. Patrick documentary

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