Monday, March 12, 2012

Growing in Worship

On Sunday, March 11 during our Sunday celebration service, Fr. Kevin came under a tremendous anointing to preach about worship.  This was a prophetic message to the Church:

  • The Holy Spirit is confronting long-held views of church growth worship. Worship is about God, not us; Christ, not entertainment.  Worship should form the character of the Christian
  • Churches have become captive to today's therapeutic, TV-addicted, and narcissistic culture. 
  • Having a set, repeated, and Scripture-rich liturgy following the church calendar will do much more to shape the worshiper's character than most of today's informal services.
  • Taking the "church mall" approach to reaching the world is making the Christian message just another way for people in America to be "spiritual" and just another lifestyle choice in a pluralistic culture.  
  • Many Christians from the Baby Boomer and Baby Buster generations are tired of being entertained, especially when their lives become difficult and they need real answers.
  • Fr. Kevin says he could never attend a church that is just another self-help seminar. 
  • Worship should subvert culture. Since the true gospel is shocking, it is not something that is able to be mass-marketed.  Mass marketing is why the Gospel has been dumbed-down and reduced to self-help.

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