Sunday, September 27, 2009

This week at St. Patrick’s


In summary, revival is the visitation of God which brings to life Christians who have been sleeping and restores a deep sense of God's near presence and holiness. Thence springs a vivid sense of sin and a profound exercise of heart in repentance, praise, and love, with an evangelistic outflow.

1. The FIRST signs of THE need for a spiritual renewal among God’s people is when a
spirit of _____________________, being unthankful, and _______________with God begins to spread among the people.

2. A second sign that God’s people need a spiritual renewal is __________________ burnout.

3. How God Brings Spiritual Renewal.


LESSON FOR BUILDING A NEW CHURCH: One of the fundamental understandings needed in mission churches that are still getting established is that everything we do must be aiming at gathering the first 100 people as the foundation of the new church. Many new churches do not grow because they take on a posture of maintaining a church program like larger established churches.

A small church can only focus on doing one thing well--having a good Sunday service. This leads to a critical issue for St. Patrick's. If we are to be welcoming to visitors, we need to have a weekly attendance that does not leave an impression of emptiness on visitors. We simply will not be inviting to newcomers if they walk in and the church seems empty each week, and if they are coldly welcomed or not greeted at all. Always remember, every one of us at St. Patrick's is an ambassador of God's love to guests.


1-Multiply Your love through us To the lost and the least Let us be Your healing hands Your instruments of peaceMay our single purpose be To imitate Your life Through our simple words and deeds Let love be multiplied
2-Multiply Your love through me To someone in need Help me Lord to freely give This grace that I've receivedLet my single purpose be To imitate Your life Through my simple words and deeds Let love be multiplied

Let us see Your kingdom come To the poor and broken ones Let us see a mighty flood Of justice and mercy, O JesusLet love be multiplied Let love be multiplied

3-Multiply Your church through us To the ends of the Earth Where there's only barrenness Let us see new birthUse us as Your laborers Working side by side Let us see your harvest come Let love be multiplied

We fall down, we lay our crown At the feet of Jesus The greatness of His mercy and love At the feet of Jesus
We cry Holy, Holy, Holy We cry Holy, Holy, Holy We cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb

We purchased 17 tickets for our October 10, 2009 Fall Foliage train ride outing on the Arcade and Attica Railroad. Please reimburse Fr. Kevin personally for your tickets. They are $12.00 each. We will all meet at the train station on Main St. in Arcade, and will head to lunch at the famous Earl's Drive in on Rt. 16 in Chaffee following the event.

Mike Adams, a businessman Greensboro, NC and missionary to central American countries will be preaching in October. Mike's missions trips include bringing much needed help to families such as providing shoes to children in conjunction with evangelistic church services held in local churches. Fr. Kevin is discussing the idea of leading daily business training intensive seminars for small businesses as part of these missions efforts.

We are looking for volunteers to visit or call shut-ins who cannot make it to church, and a person to oversee our church's foreign missions involvement. We currently sponsor children in Africa, and have several missionaries asking if we have someone they can correspond with to develop awareness of their work in places like India.

Complete information about the upcoming Holy Land Tour led by Archbishop Bates is available here:

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