Monday, September 01, 2008

September 1, 2008

Today is Labor Day. One day of rest per year as a civil holiday for American workers. I am glad God in His wisdom and love for man tells us that we need a weekly day of rest from our labors!

I want to thank Sharon Pittman for spearheading our "Back To School Backpacks" outreach in partnership with Prison Fellowship. The people of St. Patrick's have shown their ministry of mercy and giving to bless many inner city families this school year. The reactions of the kids to their backpacks full of supplies and the families receiving a $25.00 gift card have brought much glory to God! In their faces we have seen and ministered to Jesus (Matthew 25).

Let us continue to hear what the Spirit of God has said to us through the saying of Mother ATeresa of Calcutta "If you cannot feed a hundred people then feed just one."

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