Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why Do College Campuses Lean to the Left?

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The title of this blog is a link to an important article. Go there now, click, read, and see you back here in 5 minutes :) Here it is for anyone having problems finding it

Campuses Largely Lean Left ... But Why?
Insights From a Christian Philosophy Professor

Not only have we 'lost the culture,' but we continue losing even our own children. It's a familiar but tragic story that devout young people, raised in Christian homes, head off to college and abandon their faith. Why is this pattern so common?

Those words from Christian philosopher Nancy Pearcey are chilling. At the beginning of the summer, I encouraged everyone to study what Christian worldview is

It is my belief that discipleship in the postmodern world must be worldview discipleship!
This article is part of my motive. As a graduate student, pastor, and hopefully soon to be a part-time Christian educator in the field of business, I am very concerned about the covenant promises being for us and our children, and all our children afar off being at risk if we do not teach ourselves and then our children and grandchildren to think like Christians. This is loving the Lord with all our mind and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. The alternative is what Pearce says--we lose our children to the world and that has a profound impact on the future of the Church and our country.

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